We have been passionate about growing and eating, organic, nutrient dense foods since our years in college when we would rent out community garden space. Since 2016, we have expanded our home garden every year out of excitement for new crops which always needed more space to grow. Eventually it grew large enough where we started to sell some at our roadside farm stand in the 2020 season. Our continued expansions have now become our small farm where we can share our values of high-quality food with our community. 

We grow on roughly an acre of land using a permanent bed system. We keep our soil healthy by adding compost when necessary, minimally/no tilling, and letting our beds rest between plantings. Soil health is super important to us and in growing nutrient dense and healthy foods. We never use any chemicals on our farm and fertilize with local compost, organic chicken manure pellets and organic alfalfa meal. Our friend brings us local wood chips that we use to mulch our paths in our garden space which break down over time and creates rich soil to feed our plants.


Our love story began back in 2009 on an art history field trip. We had seen each other around a bit before then in the ceramics studio at UW-Whitewater, where we went to college(we both hold a Fine Arts degree in ceramics). We sat near each other on the bus to Chicago, Mike asked me to lunch, and we started growing vegetables together.

the end.